The Studio

Music for Life Piano Studio is a warm and welcoming environment where students and families are encouraged to enrich their lives through music.  We work together to realize dreams and goals, both musical and personal, within our community.  Anita strives to inspire her students to make music an integral part of their lives and to share it with others.

Whether you're a new family looking to introduce music to your little one through an Early Childhood Music and Movement Class, a parent wanting to start your child with piano lessons, or an intermediate/advanced student eager to hone their skills, Music for Life Piano Studio will provide you with a friendly, inspiring, musical space where you will receive continuous guidance, feedback and support as you progress along your musical journey.  

Early Childhood Music Classes

All ECM classes are designed with the knowledge and understanding of the natural love of music inherent in all children, and the powerful benefits music can bring to all areas of development throughout the early years.  Children will experience music first, through singing, chanting, movement, finger plays, and instrument play, while developing a foundation of basic musical concepts in a musically rich, and engaging environment.


Piano Lessons

At Music for Life Piano Studio, students are invited to explore their innate gift of music.  We are all born into this world with a natural attraction to sound and music.  Through personalized, comprehensive lessons, including creative activities both on and off the bench, students will tap into these inborn tendencies, experiencing music and creating music with Anita’s expert guidance.  From early on, students will play a variety of musical pieces and learn essential skills of piano technique, sight reading, ear training, and composing, leading students to develop a strong musical foundation and gain confidence in their growing musical abilities.