Let's Celebrate Our Accomplishments!

So, it’s that time of year when private music teachers everywhere are wrapping up the year with recitals and festivals. It is also a time to reflect and plan for the year ahead. This year happens to be very different than any we have had in the recent past. Speaking to students and parents, about their experiences moving from in-person lessons to virtual lessons, has really reinforced the necessity and value of human connection. Parents and teachers, you can be sure that if you are feeling disconnected, frustrated, and distant, then so are your budding musicians. Let’s take the time and celebrate the courage, perseverance, and accomplishments of all our musicians who choose to keep learning and sharing their music!

I am so proud of each and every one of my students and I look forward to the upcoming Studio Year.

I am thrilled to say we will be going back to in-person private piano lessons come September 2020! You will be welcomed to a safe and caring environment where we can learn and grow together!

For now, keep playing, practice and enjoy the fruit of your labours!

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